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Thursday, April 14, 2011

More wipes! More! MORE MORE MORE!!!

I look upon my box of flushable wipes, and it fills me with a deep satisfaction. What does this say about my life, and my psyche? Nothing good, I am sure.

Last night when I was at Pathmark I noticed a bin filled with 75% off batteries, including Rayovac, so I came home, clipped my coupons, and headed back there today. I also picked up more wipes, because if the catalina machine is giving me $1.50/3 every single time I scan my savings card, and the catalina keeps on rolling, they obviously really, REALLY want me to buy more wipes. And... I gotta tell you, I am down with that.

Flushable wipes are about a million times easier for kids to use than toilet paper, and I never find great stock-up sales on this kind of item, so I usually end up burning some Extra Bucks on CVS-brand toddler wipes. Seriously, parents, you know how kids have no idea how much toilet paper they need, and then they pull off half the roll and clog the toilet and you're going through $85 worth of toilet paper and a couple of plungers a week? Flushable wipes. The answer to all your problems.

Well, unless your child, like mine, pulls all the wipes out and throws them around the house. But. At least he doesn't throw them all in the toilet.


I wanted to get larger packs of Rayovac, and I wanted to get Rayovac AAs, but the 12-pk of AAA was the biggest I could find. Gave up looking and got the 24-pk of Kodak -- $3.75!!! -- plus two smaller packs of AAA, because that was what there was. Also, bananas from the reduced produce rack. They look fine to me, but cost half of what the other bananas cost...

After my first transaction, the machine printed out yet another Scott coupon, so I went back and bought some more. The cashier was amazed at this deal, when I explained it to her. She said she was going to go get some, just to get the $5 OYNO coupon. I would have gone back and done it once (or twice. or maybe more) again, but my son, whose name surely should have been Wackadoodle McNoodle, was getting a bit wild, so we left instead. Maybe I'll go out tonight, maybe not. I love doing catalina deals! They're crazy addictive. When there's an awesome rolling cat deal for something we regularly use, I honestly have trouble stopping.

Have you been watching Extreme Couponing? Man, that show is cracking me up. Everyone is buying Maalox. I know, I know, they're using the coupon because it was one of the highest value qs available at the time, so it made the numbers look good. But... they're all paying for Maalox. What a waste of a good coupon. Maalox was free with overage at both Rite Aid and Target. Why would you pay 50c a bottle for Maalox, when you could earn $1.50 a bottle buying Maalox?

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